Albacore Fishing



The Albacore is a truly amazing sport fish. Albacore begin to show up off the California coast during the month of May following the warming currents. They prefer water temperatures in the low to mid sixties as they migrate from Japan to the Baja Peninsula, finally arriving off the coast of San Diego. Schools can be found as little as twenty miles off shore but the bulk of the action will take place out a 100 miles or greater. This species is built for speed, its torpedo shaped body, smooth skin and streamlined fins allow the Albacore to reach speeds in excess of fifty miles per hour. The Albacore is considered to be mature between the ages of five and six years old, with an average life span of ten to twelve years, reaching a median length of 48 inches and a weight near 80 pounds, however, a typical catch is considered 10 to 40 pounds. The preferred forage of the Albacore consists primarily of Anchovies, sardines and squid. Their high metabolism allows them to consume an impressive 25% of their weight daily. Larger fish tend to be found deeper within the school and with the proper chumming technique, precise trolling speed and our local knowledge these fish can be brought to hand consistently.

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