California Yellowtail Fishing

Yellowtail are prevalent in Southern California and the Baja region of Mexico. Typically, they start to show up in the California region during the month of March and begin to move on in November. Yellowtail are highly migratory, ranging from Chile to southern Washington, letting water temperatures dictate their travels. The average Yellow will run 10 to 20 pounds, with some growing in excess of 60 inches and tipping the scales near 80 pounds, making them superior angling quarry that rarely disappoint. Fishing techniques vary depending where you are fishing for them. In the Southern California region Yellowtail can be quite spooky, therefore “fly lining” is one of the preferred methods. Live bait is placed on a small hook, with light line and no weight, giving the offering a natural appearance which makes it more enticing to the finicky yellows. When targeting Yellowtail in the Baja Region techniques vary dramatically. Here they are found in much deeper water, around structure, requiring heavily weighted rigs and tackle that can hold up to serious punishment.