Pacific Blue Fin Tuna Fishing

Pacific Blue Fin Tuna


Pacific Blue Fin Tuna are one of the largest and fastest fish that swim in the Pacific Ocean. The Blue Fin’s retractable fins and hydrodynamic body produce for a stream-lining effect, allowing them to reach speeds in excess of 50 miles per hour. Their historic range extends from Okinawa, Japan and Philippines to the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Blue Fin can be found off the coast of California from May through November. Forage consists of Mackerel, Squid, Red Crab, Krill and other various small fish. Blue Fin Tuna can reach weights of up to 2000 pounds. It takes a trained eye to spot the sometimes subtle hints that these fish leave in their wake as they prowl the canyons and ledges terrorizing bait fish. Birds can be a great indication that bait fish are present and if the bait is there then chances are good the Blue Fin are as well.

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