Striped Marlin

Striped Marlin


The Striped Marlin is a highly prized Billfish, as majestic as it is elusive. Dwelling within the Indio-Pacific oceans, it arrives off the coast of California in July to feed on plentiful schools of Mackerel, Tuna and Dorado. In late October the Striped Marlin makes its departure South, in search of more suitable water temperatures, solitude and clean ocean currents. The coloration of the Striped Marlin are stunning, a dark steely blue back lined with lavender stripes and a silvery white underside. When excited, or on the feed, the colors become extremely exaggerated as they become “lit up”, this is one of the moments in nature that one has to witness to truly appreciate. The Striped Marlin uses its long bill to slash at its prey, striking it from the side as opposed to impaling. They can reach twelve feet in length and weigh up to 500 pounds. Trolling artificial, hook-less squid teasers to raise the fish to the surface and switching it out for a hooked offering is the typical technique employed to be successful. Once hooked, screaming runs and outrageous acrobatics are the hallmark of the Striped Marlin.

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