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Wahoo are part of the Mackerel family and arguably the fastest swimming fish in the sea. Found worldwide within tropical and sub-tropical waters year round, the Wahoo offers anglers off the coast of Baja a chance at a trophy during the summer and fall months, September thru November. Wahoo have a reputation as one of the most voracious predators in the sea, with an appetite that is insatiable. Their prey includes, but is not limited to, Sardiens, Flying Fish and Mackerel. Wahoo have a lifespan of up to nine years, allowing them to grow in excess of 150 pounds. Their razor sharp teeth often require the use of serious terminal tackle, such as steel leaders and stout hooks. Wahoo are capable of making several long, lightening fast runs, often peeling of more than 100 hundred yards or more of line each time. This predator primarily prefers solitude but in ideal conditions the Wahoo does have a tendency to school.

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